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As a leading provider of statement processing and billing outsource services, we offer complete flexibility of document output options (print and mail, email, fax, or online presentment).  Keep your current format, or let us completely customize your form.  We'll have your program live in record time.  Improve your cash flow quickly and easily, without new software.  By getting your documents into the mail stream faster and maximizing postal discounts, you can immediately improve your bottom line.

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Take advantage of these benefits with a custom outsource billing program:

improve cash flow

Speed Up Receivables and Improve Cash Flow

Make an immediate impact on your bottom line by improving mail delivery and reducing your DSO.  Qualify for maximum postal discounts with our advanced address standardization, bar coding, and in-house zip code presorting services.  Utilizing the very latest technologies, we ensure that your documents are dispersed into the mail stream without delay.   Once your data is received, mail is sent within 24 to 48 hours.

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Enhance Appearance and Create Marketing Opportunities

Take advantage of a key opportunity to speak directly to your customer.  With variable imaging and selective inserting, you can use your billing as a vehicle to communicate, market and sell.  We offer complete custom programming as part of our services, and professional laser imaging in 1 to 4 colors.  This allows you to enhance the layout and appearance of your existing documents, thereby improving functionality.  Give those tired, monotonous lines of type a facelift with variable fonts and weights, logos and graphics, and Highlight Color.  All outsource billing programs include initial programming, sufficient for most applications.

  • Custom Programming

  • 1 to 4 Color Laser Imaging

  • Variable Fonts and Weights

  • Highlight  Color

  • Variable Imaging and Selective Inserting for 1:1 Messaging

Ensure Accuracy with Intelligent Inserting

Using the latest bar code technologies, we assign a unique ID to each page of a mailing.  This ensures that that all of your pieces go into the correct envelope, with the correct inserts, and are mailed to the correct address!  This matching technology allows for multi-page set integrity, thus guaranteeing the successful marriage of large consolidations (bills, benefit statements, inserts) into one package.

Get Real-Time Confirmation of Outgoing and Incoming Mail

Using our mail tracking program, in conjunction with the USPS Planet Bar Code, you can track outgoing and incoming mail in real time.  The special Planet Code is scanned by every USPS bar code sorter.  You can tell at any given time where your mail is in the US Postal mail stream.  Is the check REALLY "in the mail"?  Is there an ongoing mail delivery problem in a certain geographic area?  What was the average number of days in the mail for each program?  Now you can receive this valuable information, and manage your cash flow more effectively.


Gain Control and Measure Results with Detailed Reports

We provide you with detailed reports, so that you can monitor all activity, and measure your total savings.  Rarely do companies have a snapshot of all documents sent out, and a method to monitor the true costs of a program.  This information will be invaluable for tracking and audits, and is included with every billing service program.

  • Know how much was mailed and when it was sent

  • Know the number of exceptions filters and pulls

  • Know the total number of pages or packages sent

  • Know your total savings for a specific billing period

outsource billing service

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